Dynamic Analysis of Interconnected Equipments

۱۳۹۲/۵/۲۰ ۱ مشارکت‌ توسط IEEA ۶۰۹۹ بازدید
Dynamic Analysis of Interconnected Equipments

By: Mohsen Ghafory-Ashtiany, Vahid Sharif, Sassan Eshghi

This study provides numerical response analysis of interconnected block-type equipments which exist in most industrial complexes. Considering this fact that most of the equipments are interconnected, there is a need for inclusion of interconnection effects in assessing their seismic response. A new analytical methodology which include different modes of motion and up-lift has been developed. this methodology considered geometrical nonlinearity that’s because of large deformation of blocks.

کلید واژه: Interconnected Equipment، Dynamic Analysis، Ghafory-Ashtiany، Sharif، Eshghi،
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