Effect of Vertical Component of Near-Field Earthquake on the Structural

۱۳۹۳/۱۰/۲۷ ۱ مشارکت‌ توسط Yaser Mahmoudi ۹۱۹۸ بازدید
Records of near field earth quake have special specification because of nearness of wave
propagation that it makes difference their behavior than other records. Near field earth quake  have
higher acceleration and more limited frequency in high frequency than far field. Record of these
earth quake , especially when they are under fault propagation, has long period pulses with big area
that they often seen in the first of record. In this study, the effect of vertical element of near field
earth quick on three steel buildings 4,8,12 stories with out of center bracing is examined. 10 near
field earth quake  registered in distance closer than 10km and they used according to code of 2800
scales. Spectral and dynamic analyses performed on modeled buildings. The results represent the
higher effect of vertical element in structures with increasing the height. As a result, we must
consider the effect of vertical element on near field earth quake  in high buildings. Also, by
increasing the height of structure, the response of structure under the effect of vertical element in
near field earth quake  increased.
کلید واژه: near field earth quack، effect of vertical element، spectral analyses، out of center bracing، dynami
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